Thank You To Our Founding Members...

To our very first members, who came through our virtual doors in January 2021 and believed in our vision, thank you for trusting us, supporting us and allowing us to serve you.

We have loved watching you grow and be so welcoming to our newer members. Your contribution to Queens In Business is immeasurable.

We look forward to continuing our journeys together and creating a worldwide movement for female entrepreneurs for years to come.

You are all Queens.

In All That We Do, We Practice What We Preach So The Values We Share With Our Members Are What We Live And Work By

Positivity and
Fair Treatment

We have a positive approach to what we do and communicate positively to others.

and Trust

When a Queen shares something within the Club or confides in us privately, we respect her privacy and do not share her information with others.
and Honesty
We act with integrity and honesty when communicating with others.

Care and

We treat Queens how we like to be treated, with care and compassion.

and Responsibility

We take ownership for the decisions that we make and take responsibility for our results.

and Concerns

We know that we are never alone and a problem shared is a problem halved.