We’re Here To Help Female Entrepreneurs
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Meet The Co-Founders...

The Queens In Business Club is a community founded by five incredible experts: Chloë Bisson – The Automation Queen, Carrie Griffiths – The Speaking Queen, Shim Ravalia – The Health Queen, Sunna Coleman – The Writing Queen and Tanya Grant – The Branding Queen.
From being on the covers of global magazines to speaking on stages in front of over 30,000 people, these five women have spent years building their own businesses and now they are dedicating their time to supporting other female entrepreneurs to do the same.
The QIB Club aims to recognise the achievements of female entrepreneurs, support and guide them in their business, and give them the tools to build and grow their own successful businesses.

Chloë Bisson - The Automation Queen

If there is only one thing you need to know about Chloë, it is this — she believes that all women have what it takes to be successful female entrepreneurs and that women have the right to create their own businesses, their own income streams and their own happiness.

She manages multiple six and seven figure businesses, is a multiple number one best-selling author, an international speaker and multi-award winner.

As a chartered accountant at the age of 21 and director by the age of 24, Chloë’s success came to a sharp halt when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 25. After months of growth and recovery, Chloë knew she was meant for more than just the normal path and began her journey of entrepreneurship.

Since then, she’s been featured on the cover of Global Woman Magazine, spoken on stage alongside Kim Kiyosaki and has been featured on BBC, Fox, ABC, NBC, CW, London Business Magazine, Business Woman Today, Foundr and more.

To date, Chloë has helped thousands of women build their own online businesses and make their dreams a reality!


Carrie Griffiths - The Speaking Queen

Carrie Griffiths is an award-winning London-based leading voice coach, multiple international #1 best-selling author, and Founder of Carrie Griffiths Voice Training, specialising in commercial singing as well as conversational and public speaking.

Having been a successful singer for more than twenty years, Carrie has performed in over thirty countries to audiences of thousands, and sold three top ten albums, including a number one.

She has used these experiences to create a fun and simple voice training system that helps you reconnect with your voice so that you can regain control and sing or speak with more strength, stamina and power, and create engaging professional presentations and performances.

Carrie loves to help all creatives, from musicians and designers to writers, to monetise their talents without confusion, overwhelm, or working ridiculous hours.

CoFounders-Shim (1)

Shim Ravalia - The Health Queen

Shim Ravalia is the Founder of The Gut Intuition and Head of Operations & Growth for the Queens In Business Club. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs go from stressed to success in health and in business.

As an award-winning entrepreneur and multiple international #1 best-selling author, Shim has been featured in many well known publications including Business Woman Today, CBS News, Fox, NBC and ABC, raising awareness of her message and mission on entrepreneur health for the future.

Born and bred in East London, she has always been curious about the human body and the mind, coming away from university with two degrees in Sports Rehabilitation. From there, Shim worked in gyms and leisure centres before discovering her entrepreneurial path.

With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, sports therapist and gut stress expert, Shim has helped over 5,000 people get to the root of their health challenges using her 7 step system.


Sunna Coleman - The Writing Queen

Sunna Coleman is an award winning content marketing coach and Editor in Chief of Queens In Business Magazine. As a multiple international #1 best-selling author and public speaker, she aims to raise awareness of the power of blogging for business. To date, she has spoken on stage and at universities alongside the likes of the BBC, ITV, C4, CNN, Disney and Warner Brothers.

As a writer, one of Sunna’s pet peeves is the low quality, click-bait content that has taken over the internet and she wants to help fill it with some more of the inspiring, educational and genuine stuff. It’s the reason she launched her own successful blog, Inspired in the City, back in 2015 for ambitious modern women looking to live more sustainably, creatively and empowered. Her blog has seen her collaborate with global brands including the likes of Hotel Chocolat, Lindt, Ted Baker, Revlon, Desenio and The Diamond Store.

Passionate about community over competition, Sunna loves supporting driven female entrepreneurs through both the QIB Club and her own coaching programme, Bloggers Inspired where she helps small business owners escape social media overwhelm and take back control so that they can stand out from their competitors, attract higher quality leads and convert more sales in their business.


Tanya Grant - The Branding Queen

Tanya Grant is a solution-based brand specialist, multiple international #1 best-selling author, award winning entrepreneur and Founder & CCI of multi-disciplined company, The TNG Designs Group Limited. She has collaborated with global brands including the likes of Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.

Leading with her primary values of Guide, Grounding and Growth, Tanya helps small to medium business owners stand out from their competition so that they win new business effortlessly.

Through her creative designs and eye for innovation, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build the reputation of their brands, so that they can stay visible and sell without selling.

Meet The QIB Club Directors...

Meet the Directors intro to be added TBC
2022 saw the promotion of three fantastic QIB members into Club Directors. These three Queens consistently showed up, provided amazing support to fellow members and demonstrated a commitment to putting what they learn into action to elevate their businesses.
As Club Directors, they’re here to support you as a member of the Club and provide encouragement, clarity and a point of contact to help you along the way. They are all incredible Queens in business in their own right – get to know your Club Directors below!
Meet Angela Haynes-Ranger
​​In addition to having a legal background, Angela is a personal stylist and beauty professional as well as an International #1 Best Selling Co-Author, Coach and Speaker. Having worked within the fashion and beauty industry for over 15 years, Angela’s expertise has seen her work with brands such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Estee Lauder.
Meet Elisa Bisello
Elisa is an award winning property investor and international public speaker. Having founded and grown her property businesses while expecting a baby and working full time, she envisions to empower more women to get out of the “not good enough” mentality that a lot of us experience and help more women to discover how powerful they truly are.
Meet Jen Roblin
As an Anxiety Coach, a Business Owner, #1 International bestselling author, and Public Speaker. Jen started her business “Better Your Life” back in 2016 because she believes that no one needs to struggle with anxiety, and is passionate about teaching the skills and strategies to overcome it.